Grilling Prize Pack Giveaway #SizzlingSummerBlogHop

I’m giving away 1 Copy of Ted Reader’s Gastro Grilling, 1 Set of Fire Wire Stainless Steel Flexible Grilling Skewers, and 1 Weber 6492 Instant-Read Thermometer! 

Grilling Gift Pack Giveaway on Kiss My Smoke

Hey grillers. I know I don’t usually post on Saturdays but today is a little special. Some blogger friends got together to put together a fun giveaway event for their readers. So today is super special. It’s Sizzling Summer Blog Hop time.

Giveaway Prize Pack from Kiss My Smoke includes:

1 Copy of Ted Reader’s Gastro Grilling

1 Set of Fire Wire Stainless Steel Flexible Grilling Skewers

1Weber 6492 Original Instant-Read Thermometer

Giveaway runs from June 21st and end July 12th. Mine is open to U.S. and Canadian readers. Other giveaways will be open to U.S. residents only.

Head to the bottom of the post to enter using the nifty rafflecopter widget. 

14 Fabulous Blogs got together to celebrate summer with their readers. You can click to hop from blog to blog so you can enter each giveaway.

We are delighted to host this event for all our readers. You all make what we do worthwhile. You read, comment, and embrace our blogs. This is our way of saying thanks. So hop around and enter all these amazing giveaways!

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A very special thank you to Phi of The Sweetphi Blog for organizing this fun event. We appreciate all the hard work you put into this. Thanks Phi! xx

Enter using the funky Rafflecopter Widget. Easy peasy to use! Good luck everyone!

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Disclosure Mumbo Jumbo: Post contains affiliate links. I would receive a few gold doubloons for any purchases you make. I’m not going to lie, I plan to use them all on BBQ sauce. Thanks to anyone who makes purchases through affiliate links. It helps to keep the blog going, and offsets costs to run it. I appreciate all those who support Kiss My Smoke.

Now be confident and get your grill on!

Kim xx


  1. I love to grill corn on the cob – the result is so delicious!

  2. Donna Jones says:

    I love a beautiful brisket done low and slow.

  3. Summer, chilling a watermelon, grilling on the river, laughing and swimming and swatting mosquitoes in the sunset….

  4. Mushrooms, asparagus and pineapple. Yum. Going to get the grill ready! Thanks

  5. My favorite thing to grill is steak.

  6. I love to grill marinated chicken on the grill for salads!

  7. AWE, thank you for the sweet shout out! Your giveaway items are so great, who wouldn’t want to win those?!? Your website is so beautiful, I’ve been on a huge grilling kick and loving coming to your site for inspiration :) Happy Summer!

  8. fish and vegetables!

  9. I love grilling corn on the cob alongside fish, chicken, or pork dishes! So delicious!

  10. We are very basic Hot dogs and hamburgers, chicken and Sausage, but i am going to try grilling fruit. I think it just looks fun. Thanks for the awesome givaways.

  11. crystal sheckles-gibson says:

    Spicy shrimp kabobs and veggie kabobs with mushrooms, peppers, onions, or any other veggie I can get to stay on my kabob stick.

  12. Sandy Headtke says:

    My favorite thing to grill is shrimp. My favorite thing to smoke is brisket. Sometimes you don’t have 8 hours so 8 minute shrimp is a frequent meal.

  13. Peaches!

  14. Steak. I just love grilled steak with horseradish and A1.

  15. Samantha says:

    I love shrimp kabobs on the grill…actually any kabobs grilled. YUM.

  16. Love the flexible skewers!

  17. Linda romer says:

    My favorite thing to grill in the summer is steak, potatoes and corn on the cob. My family’s favorite summer dinner.

  18. I LOVE to grill pizza. I use the Pillsbury pizza crust so it’s super easy. Just made one for lunch with freshly made pesto, tomatoes from the farmers market and mozzarella. immmmm

  19. Connie Lee says:

    My favorite thing to grill in the summer is a good old fashioned hamburger.


  21. Meghan VanCleave says:

    Sweet and sour chicken kabobs are my absolute favorite. ANYTHING shish kabob, on these OH SO HOT Southern California evenings are my go to dinners; no heating up the house necessary. <3

  22. My favorite thing to grill is ribeye steak.

  23. Hands down kebabs are my summertime grilling favorite.

  24. miranda says:

    I love grilling fruit

  25. Holly E says:

    I love grilling shrimp kabobs in the summer

  26. carne asada is yummy

  27. Darcy Hoskins says:

    I don’t do the grilling…but my hubby loves to do hamburgers & steaks! (& they’re ALWAYS delicious!)

  28. I grill everything so I don’t have to turn on the oven. Our latest obsession is brisket. Sooo good! Love this giveaway!

  29. Gina H. says:


  30. my favorite grilled food is corn.
    sweet corn on the cob is amazing.

  31. We like to grill vegetables with either beef, pork, chicken or fish.

  32. peaches and nectarines

  33. Rebecca Parsons says:

    My favorite thing to grill in the summer is corn on the cob.

  34. David Bell says:

    Watermelon ribs

  35. Sally T. says:

    Love grilled corn with ribs and also grilled shrimp

  36. I love to grill pineapple. :)

  37. Burgers!

  38. I love to grill avocados!

  39. Laura m says:

    We love grilling burgers at our house!

  40. I love grilled mushrooms, yellow squash, zucchini and eggplant.

  41. M.J. Jacobsen says:


  42. Stephanie K says:


  43. Erin Ellis says:

    I love to grill hamburgers. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  44. I love to grill fish in the summer. Great giveaway – thanks for sharing!

  45. Veggies and fruit — asparagus, corn, pineapple. You name it, it’s great on the grill.

  46. Miranda says:

    Chicken is my favorite

  47. Grilled corn and hamburgers!

  48. I love grilled chicken!

  49. suzanne says:

    I love grilled hamburgers and hotdogs.

  50. We love to grill especially all the wonderful summer veggies.

  51. My favorite things to grill in the summertime are… everything! On my menu this week is your Grilled Striploin Steak. My mouth waters just looking at the picture of it! Thanks for the giveaway. It’s fun, and as a cookbook maniac, I’m hoping my number is the one that raffle-picker picks. lol

  52. Debra Lee says:

    I love my grilled zucchini!

  53. latanya says:

    My husband loves grilling steak

  54. We prefer good ol’ steaks at my house!

  55. We grill everything from hot dogs to burgers and chicken!

  56. We can’t resist veggies kabobs…yum

  57. Thanks for the giveaway! Our fave thing to grill is more meat, and only meat! lol

  58. BrandonKortney Nelson says:

    Hot dogs, and steak!

  59. Chaz May says:

    hot dogs

  60. Kendal Barriere says:


  61. Jennifer says:

    Spiedie chicken!

  62. Caryn Schajer says:

    I LOVE to grill fruit… especially watermelon!!

  63. Angela Y says:

    I love to grill corn.

  64. Robin Wilson says:

    A good porterhouse is my favorite thing to grill.

  65. I can’t pick one thing! We grill 3 to 4 days a week! I love it! I would say my favorite thing to BBQ/Smoke is Brisket!

  66. Cindy A. says:

    Chicken and corn on the cob are definitely on my favorites list.

  67. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    Big juicy hamburgers!

  68. Emily A. says:

    I love to grill kabobs.

  69. I love steak, steak, and more steak!

  70. Blessie Nelson says:

    Grilled plantains and bacon covered apples!

  71. I love to grill veggies.

  72. Donna Kellogg says:

    I love it all but I have to say my favorite thing is the easiest thing Hamburgers :)

  73. Kristen says:

    We like to grill chicken & veggie kabobs.

  74. natalie yeoman says:

    my favorite thing is the ranch burger

  75. chicken

  76. Carolsue says:

    My favorite thing to grill are steaks!

  77. Stephanie Grant says:

    We love to grill Ribs in the summer!

  78. BBQ Chicken

  79. brittani adams says:

    Burgers and dogs!!! bbq chicken too!

  80. Michael says:

    Pirk chops and mashed potatoes!

  81. Kristin says:

    I love a fat steak on the bbq….marinated and cooked to perfection or ribs, low and slow…a few cold beers..mmmm #itbetasty

  82. Collette Cooke says:

    What an amazing contest and this blog is great! Looking forward to reading all through it!

  83. Mike Noguera says:

    I love Ribs on the grill!!!!

  84. Linda K. says:

    I love mushrooms on the grill.

  85. My favorite thing to grill is zucchini with Cajun spice. There is something so yummy about zucchini on the grill.

  86. Love to grill up veggies fresh from the garden!

  87. cindyzs says:

    steak, chicken wings, hamburgers and burnt hot dog!! just about anything really :) and i love the title ‘kiss my smoke’ !! great!!

  88. Pork ribs and veggies

  89. I love steak and then all different kinds of veggies! YUM!

  90. My favorite thing to grill in the summer is veggies from my kitchen garden, squash, peppers, corn and potatoes.

  91. Love grilling fruits and veggies, it makes for such wonderful flavours.

  92. I love to grill anything! Especially Pizza and steak!

  93. Deborah Gardner says:

    I love grilling burgers and ribs all summer long!

  94. Jasmine Henderson says:

    I love shrimp on the grill!

  95. Jennifer Hiles says:

    We love making shrimp and steak kabobs! Thats our favorite!

  96. wen budro says:

    Mmmm….My fave thing to grill is barbecued ribs.

  97. burgers and brats of course!

  98. Janice Cooper says:

    Turkey burgers are my favorite to grill during the summer :)

  99. Believe it or not, since we live in FL, we can grill year around. My favorite thing for my husband or my 15 year old son to grill is hamburgers, then 2nd choice a good steak!

  100. I love steak

  101. Dawn Keenan says:

    I love grilled hamburgers and corn on the cob.

  102. Tina R. says:

    I love a good hamburger cooked on the grill! In the summer though, we grill as much as possible!

  103. Kristina says:

    We love chicken skewers! I have a killer chicken marinade I use.
    Do those wire skewer things really work? I was looking at those.

    • They do. You just need to be careful flipping things. But they are so much fun for kids to use. I’m a giant kid at heart so I dig mine.

  104. I love to grill marinated vegetables, like peppers, onions, and squash.

  105. I love grilling hot dogs.

  106. Linda Kish says:

    I like hamburgers.

  107. Donna Harris says:

    I love grilling hamburgers, chicken and vegetables! I have to put the vegetables in foil to grill unless I cut them big then I place them on the grill. I like to put chunks of chicken on a wooden skewers and the vegetables on another skewer. After grilling I like to roast a couple marshmellows. I know I shouldn’t do it before I eat but I never do what I’m told, lol!!!

  108. Kasey Hunter says:

    I love grilling thin slices of eggplant until they become eggplant chips! I just dust them with salt, pepper, and cayenne and they are ready.

  109. Karen Ostrom says:

    hamburger are the best thing grilled in the summer

  110. Jean Tav says:

    What cool stuff. Would love to win this.

  111. montanna sutherland says:

    My favorote thing to grill, or shall I say have grilled for me, is chicken marinated in Italian dressing with a side of veggie kabobs!

  112. I Love me some ribs and corn on the cob…and shiahkabobs…and burgers…and…

  113. Alyssa M says:

    Corn on the cob, zucchini, and onions!

  114. I love a good grilled kabob – the veggies and the meats/shrimp etc on the kabobs is just so beautiful and gets eaten so fast!

  115. Shannon F says:

    Hamburgers or steak. My mouth is watering just thinking about them! lol

  116. favorite thing to grill in the summer is steak

  117. Lobster tail

  118. Angela W says:

    My favorite thing to grill is steak.

  119. Grilled pineapple!

  120. Sara W. says:

    I love anything BBQ’d but cheeseburgers are still my favorite!

  121. Kayla Britt says:

    My favorite thing to grill is hotdogs covered in BBQ sauce.

  122. Sharon Howard says:

    My favorite thing to grill is Steak, vegetables mixed with red potatoes.

  123. Daniel M says:

    burgers are still my fav

  124. I bbq anything I can!

  125. Veronica V says:

    I like grilling fajitas and corn on the cob.

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